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PrintXPress is designed with the industry trend in mind, providing you a cost-effective solution equipped with the tools so you can start producing for the future with your digital presses. PrintXPress’s wide range of applications makes it suitable for different types of printing.

Industry TrendPrintXPress can be used to print personalized envelops, letterheads or business cards in a corporate print room, labels or hang tags, books or brochures at a commercial printer or quick printer.  PrintXPress brings the tools together in a suite of applications so you can expand your revenue to a new world of short-run, quick turn-around print services.


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A unique Print Engine

PrintXPress supports one or more digital presses, even if they are from different manufacturers. Users will be able to manage jobs for different digital presses from a single application running on their workstations.

PrintXPress drives the printers via their native Windows printer driver, providing the same easy setup offered by the manufacturer, making it easy for users to print their documents.


Managing by Print Queues

pxp queuesAll users can view the jobs queueing in PrintXPress.

The Active Queue contains jobs queueing to be printed. Once they are printed, they will be moved to the Held Queue and users can re-configure and re-print them when needed.  

In addition, users can submit a job to the Ready Queue. Print instructions can be assigned when those jobs need to be printed.

Finally jobs that caused errors are saved in the Error Queue. Users can re-configure the print instructions and re-print them.


Client – Server Architecture

pxp network

PrintXPress is consisted of client and server applications. The server application (PrintXPress Central) manages users’ jobs and drive the printers.
Each PrintXPress Central application controls one or more digital presses. The client application (PrintXPress) runs on the user’s workstations. Users can submit PDF files, booklets and variable data job and monitor print progress with PrintXPress.

One Server – Multiple Printers

PrintXPress is designed to drive multiple printers, even if they are different printers. Setups can be created for each printer and shared via PrintXpress Central. Users can select printer setups for specific printer from the PrintXPress application.

Configure with Native Driver

Configure how to print your jobs using the printer drivers provided by the manufacturer. With PrintXPress, there is no need to learn a complicated process just to print to your printers.


Step and Repeat

label impositonYou can step and repeat your jobs onto a larger sheet for optimisation on Media or ease of finishing.
Step and repeat setting can be automatic, selecting only the paper size and gutter width, or manually entering the number of rows and columns and job orientation.
Advance Step and Repeat can help to arrange the orders in a most logical way to meet delivery requirement.


Smart Impose

SmartImpose provides easy but powerful book imposition, supporting up to 8-UP imposition, perfect-bound and saddle-stitched, with support for sewing sections. SmartImpose provides comprehensive mark support including color bar, sheet labels and collation marks. SmartImpose is flexible with sheet and page sizes, allowing pages to be resized and re-positioned, and generating sheets that can be fitted on different size papers.



VDP LabelVelocity is a variable data software ideal for simple personalization products such as business cards, envelops, labels and hang tags.
Velocity supports 4 variable element types - Text, Image, Barcode and Color. Layers and useful design tools are provided for easy layout.
Velocity also supported Enhanced QR Code, allowing you to change the shape and color of the eyes and modules as well as adding your logo to the QR Code. Velocity output to PDF files, or directly to Windows Printers.


Velocity - QR codes

QR FeaturesWith Compose Enhanced QR Code, customers can fully customize every aspect of the QR code, including the shape and colors of the finder pattern and modules, filling the QR code with flat color, gradient or image pixels, and embedding your logo image as part of the QR code.
Change the finder pattern to one of the 15+ shapes available.
Fill the QR code with flat color, gradient or based on an image but turn into pixel data.
Add your company logo to the QR code.


Velocity – Multiple DataBase

Flower ticketVelocity is now supporting multiple database which allows complicated labels can be addressed and display correctly.
Sometimes outline text is required for finishing options. Velocity provides a new feature to convert specific text blocks to outline, allowing varnish and gold foiling to be performed.
The text outline function is unicode supported, allowing Roman alphabets and Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts are supported.

Spot Matcher

operation v1.0 108ppiSpot Matcher provides accurate spot color matching by providing easy creation of spot color target sheets and offers 2 methods for selecting the best match - either visually with nothing more than your eyes, or by measurement using spectrophotometer. Spot Matcher also supports iterative processes allowing accurate results to be achieved in several iterations.

Spot Matcher supports Pantone™, PantonePlus™ and custom spot colors such as logo colors.


Express RIP

icon expressrip v1The Express RIP is a high performance raster image processor offering advanced color management using the Harlequin ColorPro engine.
ColorPro offers features such as separate rendering intent for CMYK and RGB images, preservation of 100% black, overprint controls, as well as custom rendering intent to adjust color.

Express RIP is an integral part of Spot Matcher for Spot color simulation calculation.